The human population now interacts with increasingly complex cultural, technological, and economic forces; traditional academic research methodology is no longer adequate to address complex global challenges. By exploring this shift, the lab contextualizes the pressures to maintain specialization in research and  the forces that currently challenge normative and canonical methodologies. As John Law states in his book After Method: “The task is to imagine methods when they no longer seek the definite, the repeatable, the more or less stable.” Our team in the MinDesign Lab seeks to formalize connections between design and social science research in order to specifically explore how design-led methodology may help inform research practices in psychology and business, as well as how psychology research methodology can shape design-led thinking. Current areas of this work involve how design research methods can address mental health. Over the course of this semester we’ve embarked on a series of meetings and in these discussions, we have focused on the ways that design and psychology can inform subfields of research across clinical, cognitive, social, and developmental research.