Adam Brown is an Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Psychology at The New School for Social Research, where he directs the Trauma and Global Mental Health Lab. Dr. Brown’s lab studies the ways in which potentially-traumatic events contribute to mental health issues and develops strategies to help mitigate the negative impacts of stress. His lab is especially interested in combining findings from lab-based research and community partnerships with non-mental health specialists, to guide the development of low-cost and easily accessible treatments. Dr. Brown is also a member of the Human Rights Resilience Project, an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners carrying out research and creating tools to improve resilience and well-being in the human rights community. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and his work has been supported by federal agencies and private foundations. He also holds an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine.

Hanna de Vries, is a designer, researcher and strategist, navigating the space between science and speculation. She currently studies MFA Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design and MA Psychology at The New School for Social Research. Through combining creative expertise with scientific knowledge from Psychology, her work centers on the intersection of behavioral design, systems thinking and scientific research in psychology, aiming to enhance participation in human-centered co-creative processes in mental health. She currently focuses on developing strategies to create new research ideas and innovate current research methods by using design processes informed by experimental research. Beside her academic projects, she also works as a visual designer, artist and photographer and is active in several artist communities throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. In her work she combines a variety of mediums, seeking to cross the boundaries between art, scientific research and mental health.

Olivia Cadwell is a PhD student in Social Psychology at The New School for Social Research (NSSR). As an undergraduate student in English literature and Neuroscience at The University of Puget Sound, Olivia developed an independent research project to study how reading fiction influences social cognition in the human brain. Her current research interests include the storytelling instinct, human perception, decision making, and authenticity. These projects extend prior research experience at Columbia Business School and ongoing studies through the Global Mental Health Lab and MinDesign Lab at NSSR.